Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Birthday, Parker Allen!

Dear Parker,
Today you are O~N~E year old!!! I can't believe I just typed that sentence! This past year has flown by! It seems like just yesterday that you made your entrance into this great big world. Your cry was like music to my ears and when the nurse placed all 7 pounds 15 ounces of you in my arms for the first time, my heart melted. At that moment I marveled at your ten tiny fingers and toes, your cute little nose, and all of your reddish colored hair! I was simply amazed at how perfect you were. Your first year has been full of so much fun. It's been so much fun to watch you grow and learn everyday. I've loved watching all of your "firsts".

You took your first steps at around 10 1/2 months and haven't stopped. Now, you run everywhere you go. You are definitely ALL boy. You LOVE playing outside and even cry when it's time to come in.You like to play with your ball. You have learned to kick it and throw it.

We are so proud of your kind and obedient spirit. You walk around the house and say, "No, no, no! " and point to all of the things we tell you not to touch.

You can say LOTS of words: kitty, doggie, MaMa, DaDa, PaPa, Ju-ten (Justin), peas (please),  and many, many more.  You talk non-stop and I absolutely adore your laughs and giggles. You know all of your signs (all done, please, more) and now even say them while you are signing them.

You love to sing and dance.

When we ask you where your hair is you point to your hair. You can show us where your eyes, ears, teeth, nose, and belly button are too! You can also tell us what the cow says (booooo), the bees say (buzz), the kitty says (dickle, dickle).

You are eating all kinds of things. Eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, turkey, chicken, and many, many fruits and veggies. I think your favorite food is a tie between waffles and cheese.

You love your family. When the door opens, you go running to see who it is and start saying DaDa or PaPa. You love your PaPa. He is definitely your favorite person, after Mommy of course. You love to play rough with your Uncle Justin. Uncle Phillip and Aunt Jody give you endless tickles and you squeal everytime. You like to play silly games with Daddy. You could sit in Gram's lap all day and read books if she'd let you.

You are very loving and caring. You give the best hugs and kisses.  

September 5, 2009 was a day that I will never forget! I earned a new title that day. A title that I had no prior training for. A title that I wasn't completely prepared for. A title that I had always dreamed of having. I'm so honored to have the title of mother, and it's all because of you, son. I am blessed beyond words to be your mommy.

God knew exactly what He was doing when he gave us you. You have been an amazing addition to our family and I CANNOT imagine our lives without you. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you, little man.  Happy Birthday, Parker Allen!!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

11 Month Picture

Georgia Aquarium

A couple of weekends ago, we headed to the Georgia Aquarium for the day. Fortunately, we ordered our tickets ahead of time which I HIGHLY recommend. It was very crowded but we enjoyed our day despite the masses of people. Parker loved looking at all the beautiful fish and sea creatures. Here are some pictures of our day:

Friday, September 3, 2010

Fun with Cousins!

In July Mom and I made a trip to Charlotte to visit my Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins. We had fun swimming, shopping, and seeing all of their cool animals. We were able to get pictures with Megan and Matt, but Alex is in that teenage mode and doesn't stay home long enough to get a pic and if he did he was sleeping. Oh to live the life of a teenager again! While we were there we were able to meet Miss Juliana Moon. Her Daddy and Daron were roomates at Clemson. She is absolutely beautiful!!!