Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wayyyyyyyy behind!

Wow! It's March already? I am wayyyyyyy behind on updating our blog. I hardly have time to sit down these days. I have been in the bed since Saturday with the flu. Sometimes God has a way of slowing us down. Anyway, I thought I would update you all on the latest with our little family.

Christmas 2010

We had a wonderful Christmas! Parker was very into opening each of his gifts individually. Everyone told us he would be more into the paper and the boxes, but they could not have been more wrong. He loved tearing the paper off and seeing what was underneath. He would study his gift for a minute and then he was ready for the next one. He also thought that every gift was a ride on toy. It was hilarious! No matter the size he wanted to sit on it and ride. We also enjoyed a White Christmas this year. This was the first White Christmas of my lifetime. Parker loved watching the snow come down. He called it "bubbles". Daron suprised me with a new camera! A fancy one! I'm still learning all of it's bells and whistles and hope to take a class soon.